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Fails of Traditional Faxing over Online Fax

It isn't new for all of us to grab hands at the newest thing in the market. Be it the new trendy outfits, or the new gadget - we go gaga over the word ‘new’. It can be credited as a natural human behaviour. The same applies to many technologies too. with the latest inventions, (credit to the non-stop thinking of few human brains) many technologies and gadgets become outdated. One such is our top used service in the older gen-Fax service.

A small brief intro to the history of such an important technology

Alexander bain, a Scott inventor started this machine in the year 1846. They were invented even before the invent of telephone lines. Though it was started so early, fax didn’t gain importance in the American business until late 1980’s. after which they became extremely popular, the best technology then. Even till date, few offices consider it as evergreen technology, a boon to the business may be because they love doing it or they have much better reasons to say!

Why did it fail?

So, when the technology was so very well accepted and widely used, what made it fall down? The limitations of traditional faxing service are listed here below. With lots of new inventions, this technology became extinct for various reasons. Until then, this was the prime way of communication between businesses before computers and internet made their way.

Fax machines became costlier compared to newer technology:

Managing fax machines and using them became very expensive. For the same price, there were many companies who provided sending afax over the internet all through the year.
Paper costs, space constraints were not to be skipped. The cost of phone lines had to be borne by the user. so ultimately the user had to pay for the fax machine, phone lines, ink and paper. Too many overhead charges.

Cumbersome job:

Sending and receiving fax too became a cumbersome job, whereas other technologies allowed us to work just from the spot, without shaking that booty off. Traditional fax required the person to be present while sending or receiving faxes. If it was many pages, standing for long hours was a major drawback. To add to the woes, power drops will silently abrupt the whole process and the document would stop. Restarting the whole process is very tedious. Also, the document was exposed for all to see. Any confidential information isn't safe to send over the regular fax.

Telephone lines interference:

In the case of telephone lines going busy or for a shutdown, then receiving and sending faxes becomes extremely difficult. The order must be maintained, paper, toner etc. Now we shall tell you how the new technology, online faxing service from faxburner provides you relief from the older method.

Cost Effective:

For online faxing, you use the only internet. So the main basic advantage and the most important one is cost efficiency. This method fits every type of user. Online faxing doesn’t need much, only a computer or smartphone and an active internet connection. You pay only for the internet majorly, while online service providers provide you service at a reasonable rate. When money plays a major role in anyone's life, who wouldn’t want to cut the costs?  There are no overhead charges too- buying papers(tonnes of tonnes), toners and ink.

Improved Security:

Online faxing provides improved security to its customers. All the documents are sent in an encrypted format so that they remain safe from those wandering eyes. They are password protected too. you will receive them directly to your attached email account or online account, or you can send them.

Work on the go!

With online faxing, you neednot stand beside the machine or in the queue of the fax shop. With thetechnology available on smartphones and tablets, computers it's always handy. You can send and receive afax at any time of the day, from anywhere. No hassles and restrictions, and no chances of missing out that important fax needed to be sent or received.

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Few companies provide admin controls, so the admin can decide who has the access and what type. Overall, they ensure that your data is protected in the utmost possible way.

Overall, when you talk from the technology perspective, the online faxing has more advantages than the traditional one. But they solely depend upon you,

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