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Not all of us love all things that we do, and they needn’t be. One such is faxing!! We know few people who really hate the technology itself, would rather prefer using mailing systems or any other modes of communicating. But when it's needed to be done in a particular way for your work, it's totally unavoidable. Well, fret no more, we are here to help you. throw your frustrations and worries out, we are bringing you the best technology in faxing-its just a click away.

Online faxing is the preferred way of fax if at all someone needs it. No more hassles of standing there all long to send a fax or receive them. Your employees time can be saved or even yours by just enrolling into the online service from one of the best service providers.

We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the best online fax service providers. You no more need to order huge fax machines to fulfil the job, just come to us. We shall do the work for you, better and quick.

Below are our service features, read on how we serve you and feel free to contact us anytime, we are happy to receive you.

Neat and no paper:

Forget about that paper costs going forward. To send faxes you don’t need papers anymore. just upload the file, input the provided fax number and click. You are done, done dana done!!

Secure data:

We ensure that your data is completely secure with us. We respect your trust with us and never let that down. All our transmissions are encrypted and password protected.

Number portability:

Well, you don’t want to change your number, but just the service provider? We will help you out. Provide us with the number and we shall do the job for you, without anyone being notified.

Quick Accessibility:

We have integrated with google drives, Box, Onedrive and few other cloud services. You can access them and manage them easily.

Excellent Customer service:

We provide out of the class service to you, and if you need to know, kindly check in. you will know what we are really up.

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Few companies provide admin controls, so the admin can decide who has the access and what type. Overall, they ensure that your data is protected in the utmost possible way.

Overall, when you talk from the technology perspective, the online faxing has more advantages than the traditional one. But they solely depend upon you,

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